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Gucci Mane Jumps On The Hip-Hop Flute Trend With ‘Tone It Down’

It sounds like a spiritual sequel to Future’s ‘Mask Off’

The flute might just be hip-hop's hottest new instrument. On Gucci Mane's latest track "Tone It Down" (the counterpoint to Migos' "Pipe It Up," I guess), he raps over a spritely flute riff that sounds like it's replying to the woodwind mating call on Future's "Mask Off."

Chris Brown also pops up to lay down some smooth vocals between Gucci's quickly rolling verses. "Tone It Down" marks their first collaboration since Brown's "Party" dropped late last year.

Between "Mask Off," "Tone It Down," and Lil Yachty's failed woodwind reference on "Peek A Boo," it sounds like hip-hop flute is here to stay. Isn't it time we had a flute emoji to celebrate?