Wardrobe Complication: A My Super Sweet 16 Dress Is Missing In Action

In a sneak peek from this week's episode, Priscilia's Quinceañera hits a bit of a snag

Most Super Sweet 16 boys and girls change outfits at their celebration because one look simply won't do. But unfortunately for our latest guest of honor Priscila, her wardrobe swap features a major complication. And it ain't a broken zipper...

"I left the dress at home," P's mother declares in the sneak peek above from this week's upcoming episode. C'mon, Mom!

"Don't tell me this, for real," the visibly panicking lady of the day responds, before adding the frock was supposed to be a "surprise" for her Quinceañera guests.

How does Priscila handle the situation? And will someone be able to save the day and run to get the ensemble? Watch the clip above to see it unfold -- and don't miss My Super Sweet 16 this Monday at 11/10c!