Rapper Lil Key Turned His Super Sweet Birthday Bash Into A 'Bro Mitzvah'

The rapper's personal rite of passage became quite the party

Mazel... tov? The bar/bat mitzvah is a rite of passage traditionally reserved for Jewish boys and girls, but rapper Lil Key put his own non-religious spin on the cultural ceremony — in the form of a "bro mitzvah" birthday bash.

What made this particular celebration different? "It's, like, a big, big party for young black boys coming up in age," Key explained during tonight's My Super Sweet 16.

It seemed the Baltimore musician had not one, but two ultimate goals: to turn his 17th birthday into a gilded spectacle and debut his newest single, "Shorty Right There" (produced by Mr Wilson and MB Salone), to the masses before embarking on a world tour.

Naturally, the bro mitzvah of his dreams required a few key elements (pun intended): a gold cake, gold snacks, gold keys for entry and a gold outfit. Not a yellow outfit, not a mustard outfit, and especially not an outfit that had already been worn. ("I'm Lil Key, I can't recycle clothes.")

There was also the small detail of wanting the ultimate gift — a brand-new car in place of his current mode of transportation, a hoverboard.

While a handful of concerns threatened to ruin the rapper's bash — not enough guests, too many guests, a shoddy music video, technical issues, etc. — Key came out on top thanks to the help of his mom-slash-manager Tarhonika. Not only did the supermom surprise Key with the perfect party threads, gold sneakers and all, but she saved his performance and presented the hard-working crooner with a brand-new BMW.

What did you think of Lil Key's bro mitzvah bash? Post your thoughts in the comments, and catch an all-new My Super Sweet 16 Monday at 11/10c!