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Justin Bieber Only Agreed To Sing ‘I’m The One’ After Listening To It In His Fur-Lined Truck

Even DJ Khaled was nervous asking the Biebs to collab

As DJ Khaled gets ready for the release of his new album, Grateful, he's gone ahead and broken down how he got everyone together for his No. 1 hit "I'm the One."

In a new interview with Billboard, Khaled discusses how nervous he was bringing the instrumental to Justin Bieber, who insisted that they listen to it together in his fur-lined, tricked-out truck. If there's one person who can make Khaled nervous, it's Justin. Thankfully, the beat clicked with the Biebs and he agreed to lay down a vocal track.

It also clicked in a major way with Quavo, who rapped his whole verse after hearing the instrumental only once. Naturally, he had the rest of the Migos in tow in the recording booth with him for that good energy.