True Life Update: Is Kevo Still Organizing Neighborhood Protests?

Plus, find out what's up with Klea from the show's 'I'm Saving My Hood' episode

MTV's "True Life: I'm Saving My Hood" followed two people who are trying to change their community for the better. We had an opportunity to check in with Kevo and Klea to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


Have you recorded any new music?

Yes! I'm wrapping up a project with a couple of artists who are signed to a major record label. I was basically writing and producing tracks for them. I'm also finishing up my own project, which will be released this spring. The music can be found on websites like Complex, XXL, Hip Hop DX and some other online outlets. We're calling my project Do It For Yourself and it's in memory of my cousin, who was recently shot and killed.

Have you continued doing the neighborhood watch?

Since the show ended, I haven't really done anymore neighborhood watches, but I have been vocal in other ways -- specifically, with Stop Beefin radio.

What have you done with Stop Beefin to help with violence in the community?

I've been really active with the youth, and we are in the process of putting together another summit. Big Unc started a chess club for the youth, and basically he teaches the kids the game of chess and how it intertwines with life. You have to really think about your decisions before you make a move.

Do you have any plans to keep making a change with more neighborhood protests?

We haven't been out in the streets doing protests, but I've been spending more time with the kids. We bring them to the Stop Beefin studio and try to show them a new direction and show them they can do something else besides just running the streets. We help to redirect the energy.

Have you been in touch with Big Dave, David's dad?

Big Dave is like family, so I talk to him all the time. He has been staying busy by coaching basketball. He is still going hard with the Little David Foundation also.

Have you gathered any new information regarding the case and trial?

As far as the trial is concerned, it keeps getting pushed back. I definitely will be attending that trial, and I am hoping to get some friends, family and other families who lost loved ones due to violence to attend the trial. The idea is to bring more awareness and to show the movement for peace is alive. Whether the defendant gets the maximum sentence or not, we are still pushing for peace.


What's new with Doll Face?

We have about 15 new members since I last checked. It's hard to keep up with making enough of the exclusive uniform shirts for all of the girls in the club. One year is coming up, so we are planning a formal that is going to be '90s-themed with bombers and tennis shoes to celebrate our anniversary and the hard work the girls put in. I have continued to do as much as I can, and the momentum is moving quickly. It's pretty cool when the universe works with you.

You said you wanted to open new chapters of Doll Face all over the country. What other locations are you working on?

So far, other than New York, we have Rhode Island and Huntington Beach in the works. I feel like the women who have reached out to me to have their own chapter in their area have the potential leadership qualities to uphold my reputation and brand.

Have you reached out to your friend who you tried to help? If so, what was the outcome?

Yes, I have reached out to her. The last time I saw her, it did not go so well. The homegirl Ashley and I pulled up to the spot she's staying at, and there was a pitbull blocking the entrance. It was as if something evil didn't want us to get to her. It was crazy. She came out, and she wasn't in her right state of mind, so it was really hard to try and communicate with her. I have texted her once a week since then to let her know I am waiting on her.

Have you helped get any other girls off the street and into Crash recently?

I get hit up about once a week, and so far, only one girl has made it to Crash recently. All of the other girls always chicken out last minute, but that’s okay because at least the seed has been planted, and they know who to call when it's time for [something different].