Why Watching Old Episodes Of Fear Factor Only Made It Worse For This Competitor

Can you really blame her?

Sometimes, it's all about going back to the basics. Or is it?

In a brand-new "Mental Prep" promo for MTV's Fear Factor, a slew of contestants say they got ready to compete on the program by watching episodes of the original, Joe Rogan-hosted installment.

"We watched the last two seasons before coming on this show," 26-year-old Denise, who'll compete with her fiancé Jordan, says. And 21-year-old Kirstyn prepared in much the same way, saying, "I did watch a lot of old episodes."

Meanwhile, that strategy didn't quite work for 20-year-old Gabrielle.

"We googled a couple and I'm like, 'I am not looking ant any of these because if I keep watching these, I'm going to get scared.' And I would have not shown up today," says the young woman, who'll compete with her husband Ronald.

Her better half, however, had no problem watching throwback episodes. Why did he choose to prep with reruns, and how did the other contestants get ready for Fear Factor? Watch the clip to find out, and tune in to the show Tuesday at 10/9c.