'We Ate Intestines': Some People Stop At Nothing To Prepare For Fear Factor

Anyone hungry?

Now that's hardcore.

In the latest "Mental Prep" promo clip for MTV's Fear Factor, a couple of competitors reveal they got ready for the show by cultivating stomachs of steel.

"I would totally eat bugs in my backyard," says 21-year-old Brynne, who's competing with her best friend Jerry, also 21.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Hannah, who's linked with her BFF Jennie, says her prep was similarly heave-worthy. "We even ate intestines," she says.

Hey, at least they're prepared: In the clip, the young women -- and all their opponents -- are seen putting a few real, live creatures in their mouths. What kind? Well, there are cockroaches and snakes and scorpions (oh my!).

So are Brynne and Hannah prepared for the task? And what about all the others? Watch the clip to find out, and catch Fear Factor Tuesday at 10/9c.