Katy Perry Sums Up Her Witness Release Day In Two Simple Words

Or two syllables, even

Katy Perry is keeping it very real with her fans on the occasion of the release of Witness, her new album — so real, in fact, that she live-streamed a round of therapy and opened up in front of the whole world about some of the most personal aspects of her very public life — love, the relationship between her private self and famous persona, her childhood: all of it was up for the difficult discussion.

The next morning, Perry kept up with her unfiltered conversation with her fans by live-streaming her morning from the moment she woke up, pretty much: She started rolling while she was still in bed, and took a ton of questions from Katy Cats tuning in.

First things first, after a brief cameo from her puppy, Nugget: How did she feel about her Witness release day, and could she describe it in one word? Turns out, nope.

“A lot. A LOT. With a space in it. A lot.”

Fair enough, considering she put out her first full-length since 2013's Prism and bared her soul to the world shortly thereafter. Perry continued to answer questions about everything from her sleep routine to the album and the motivation behind some of her new tracks, like “Act My Age,” which deals with confronting how maturity and adulthood impact her sense of self. She didn't sugarcoat her creative process — “Not everything I write is great” — and unpacked why she scraps certain songs and keeps others.

She offered up a few positive affirmations, and articulates her intentions for the day by saying she wants to “open [her] mind and listen with [her] heart, and allow compassion to conquer judgment.” She then read from Daisaku Ikeda's For Today & Tomorrow: Daily Encouragement, a book recommended to her by her ex, Orlando Bloom: “I'm very grateful for him, and for this.”

Basically, this was an direct feed into Perry's morning mind, but it was an enlightening and positive interlude — and definitely the good kind of “a lot.”