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Wonder Woman Is Pretty Much Demolishing The Mummy At The Box Office

Diana reigns supreme

Not to reduce this to a typical battle of good vs. evil or anything, but it's clear that audiences are favoring an empowering action flick with a hopeful heroine at the center of it over a monster flop featuring a hell-raising mummy at the movies this weekend.

Wonder Woman broke records with its $100.5 million debut last weekend, and it's thriving as it continues to pack theaters and dominate the box office in the process.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the Patty Jenkins–directed DC epic is set to cross the $200 million mark by the time audiences file out of the last showings of the film on Sunday, and that it brought in a cool $15.8 million on Friday — over $3 million more than The Mummy, which drew $12 million for its opening night.

Considering that The Mummy was made for $125 million and is set to earn only $30 million of that back for its first three days in theaters, the Tom Cruise–led reboot of the monster tale is getting completely and thoroughly whooped, and you don't need a golden lasso of truth to coax that cold, hard fact out of you.

To add insult to injury, that projected $30 million comes in below every one of the Brendan Fraser–starring Mummy movies — including The Scorpion King.

The moral of this action-packed story? Don't mess with Wonder Woman. Also, if it the Mummy franchise ain't broke, don't fix it.