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Fifth Harmony Love Swimming Pools Almost As Much As They Love Music

So they’re chlorine-tolerant mermaids, basically

We know that Fifth Harmony love construction sites and motel parking lots, but, surprise! Their favorite environment when not onstage? The pool. They're practically mermaids, if mermaids could hang out in chlorine-filled water all day without their hair turning weird colors and their eyes getting so irritated they roll clean outta their heads, etc.

In a new interview with iHeartRadio, the quartet spent a hefty chunk of their chat gushing about the pool in various capacities. If it's wet, and in a circular shape, and aquamarine-colored, and you can swim in it, they are probably down with said man-made body of water.

Pool parties? They're awesome, according to Normani. "My favorite thing about performing at a pool party is just the change in environment," she told iHeartRadio. "Typically, we play our concerts inside of venues, which I guess can get a little monotonous. So it's really refreshing to be outdoors and see everybody vibing in their swimsuits. And I love the pool, so..."

So does Ally. "I stay cool during the summer by hitting the water whenever I can," she said. "I love, love, love to go to the beach. I love to go to the pool. Those are actually some of my favorite places to be ever, during the summer. And I love me some Vegas, I have to go. I have spent two of my birthdays there."

And Dinah's like, SAME. "The summer song that our fans have responded to the most would definitely have to be 'All in My Head (Flex).' It just has the feel good, outdoor summer vibes, and it just definitely is a song that you could vibe to, especially at a pool party."

In short: Please only address Fifth Harmony's four members as Daughters of Triton, Queens of Pools from now on. Thanks.