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Justin Bieber Flexes His Sexy Whispering On David Guetta’s New Song

‘2U’ is another steamy banger from the Biebs

Justin Bieber keeps racking up those guest features. His latest vocal offering comes on David Guetta's new song “2U,” which, as far as we can tell, has nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar's favorite rock band U2.

Instead, “2U” is a starry-eyed love song that sees Bieber flexing his vocal range over a gently strobing beat. “Let's take both of our souls and intertwine,” he sings breathily.

Hey, if you're into that. Guetta and Bieber even got the Victoria's Secret Angels to lip-synch the tune to really drive home the sexy vibes. They're no shirtless Bieber, but hopefully they saved that secret weapon for the actual video.