Bella Thorne Unleashes Her Inner Stalker In You Get Me Trailer

Can you watch it without screaming?

Get ready to see Bella Thorne as you’ve never seen her before. For her next leading lady role, the actress has ditched the girl-next-door sweetness of Famous in Love and unleashed her inner murderous stalker.

In the upcoming Netflix thriller You Get Me, Thorne stars as Holly, a high school student hellbent on winning over Tyler (Taylor John Smith). The two have a one-night fling after Tyler gets into a fight with his girlfriend Ali (Halston Sage), but the next day, he reconciles with Ali and finds out that Holly is a new student at their school. Uh-oh. Cue Holly’s stalker-like tendencies and violent plans for vengeance, which involve flames, guns, and a lot of sneaking up on people.

Wow. So. Now that you've seen the trailer in all its intensity, check out the seven creepiest moments in GIF form. Warning: They might keep you up at night.

  1. Scariest sleepover ever?
  2. Yeah, scariest sleepover ever.
  3. Nope nope nope.
  4. Did Bella seriously poison this poor girl's smoothie?!
  5. A hot stove + duct tape = a bad situation for Halston.
  6. Attention ladies, this is not the way to win over your crush.
  7. “I got something for ya.” CUE THE SCREAMS.

You Get Me hits Netflix on June 23.