Quentin Created An Entire 'Zombie Apocalypse' For His Promposal

Because what says 'prom' more than lots of fake blood?

A high school senior eschewed romantic music and heartfelt sentiments and instead asked his very best friend to prom with a "Prompocalypse"-themed invitation.

"For the promposal, I want to have a zombie apocalypse -- I want to do something big, loud and scary," Quentin told a group of friends on tonight's episode of MTV's Promposal, enlisting them to play zombies that would "attack" his BFF Maggie. "[She] is afraid of everything, and I think scaring her is the perfect way to ask her to prom."

Kind of pulls at your heartstrings, right?

The exact deets of Quentin's plan: One evening, Maggie would be lured to the school, where the "zombies" would chase her into the building's theater; he'd then come onstage to pop the question. There was plenty of prep for the event, including some tense rehearsals, hectic costume fittings and last-minute makeup sessions, but on the big night, a total of 35 zombies were successfully in place when Maggie arrived at the school.

Her response when they "attacked"? Lots of blood-curdling screams. She even shrieked when Quentin gave his official promposal, but this time it was with a really loud, "Yes!"

Fortunately, Quentin cleaned up well for prom: gone were the ripped clothing and fake blood, making way for a dashing tux. Meanwhile, Maggie dazzled in a sparkling black dress.

"I think for the first time, we both really saw each other's beauty," Maggie exulted. "We both, at the same moment, said, 'This is my beautiful best friend.'"

Would Quentin's promposal have freaked you out, or would you have loved every minute of it? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another episode Monday at 11:30/10:30c.