Fear Factor Sneak Peek: Here's Why Rat Traps And Blindfolds Don't Mix


Oh, snap!

In a sneak peek of the next Fear Factor, host Ludacris explains a possibly painful task that involves a round table covered in rodent traps and dairy products.

"One of you will be trying to retrieve the cheese from these rat traps without letting it snap on your finger," he says in the clip, below, adding that competitors will then have to put the fromage in a tiny dish. "But there's a little catch: You will be doing this blindfolded."

So how will the sightless wonders know exactly where the cheese is located? Their partner will put his or her head through a hole -- located in the middle of the table -- and then verbally guide them. Oh, and Luda adds there's yet another "little catch" -- and this one involves cold hard cash and a whole lot of trust.

So what's the catch? Watch the clip to find out, and to see who gets rat-trapped, catch Fear Factor on Tuesday at 10/9c.