Blink-182 Aren’t Regular Dads, They’re Cool Dads, In Their New Video

See the sweet clip for ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place’

Gone are the days when Blink-182 would casually run naked down the streets in their music videos. These days, the pop-punk rockers are older, wiser, fully clothed, and much more family-friendly.

In their latest video for the sentimental California ballad “Home is Such a Lonely Place,” we see Blink as earnest family men. There's Mark Hoppus giving his son a guitar lesson. There's the ultra-cool Travis Barker giving his son fake tattoos. And Matt Skiba? He’s more of a dog and motorcycle kind of dude, who apparently ashes his cigarettes into Grammy awards.

The grainy, self-shot footage later gives way into Blink crushing it at their day jobs as rock stars. Coolest dads ever?!

Reflecting on the video in its YouTube description, the band wrote, “The video for ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place’ was probably the easiest we've ever filmed. All we had to do was be ourselves at home with our family and friends, as we prepared to leave for tour. Consequently, it's also our most personal and honest videos, and one of my favorites.”