Why One Fear Factor Contestant Says Physical Preparation Is 'Totally Unnecessary'

Gym time? She'll pass

Just how important is hitting the gym when you're about to appear on MTV's Fear Factor? Depends on who you ask.

"One of the things we did to train is, we continued to go to the gym five or six times a week," upcoming contestant Aaron, 25, says in the new Mental Prep promo, below.

"We started doing more cardio, [got] a little bit more limber," adds his comparably buff roommate/FF partner Louis, 23.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and roomie Carmela, both 23, had a similar strategy: "We just worked out as much as possible and built up our cardio," Jasmine says.

But according to 26-year-old Paula, all that gym time was a bust because such physical activity is "totally unnecessary." The reason?

"It's more mind over matter," she says, clearly referencing challenges that involve oh, you know, bugs, snakes and lots of other disgusting things.

So how does Paula handle the creatures she encounters on Fear Factor? Is it really mind over matter? Watch the video to find out, then tune in to the show Tuesday at 10/9c.