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Here’s What To Tell Lorde If You Ever Meet Her On The Street

The ‘Green Light’ singer wants to hear your stories

As far as celebrities go, Lorde is one of the more private ones there is. She spent months lurking around New York while writing Melodrama, even frequenting the subway, but barely anyone recognized her. Don't make the same mistake those people did. If you're lucky enough to breathe the same air as Lorde — and she's not onstage performing at the time — seize the moment.

"If you do see me in the street, tell me how you felt about something that I made, because it literally blows my mind every time," Lorde told i-D in a video interview released Monday (June 5), three days after she dropped Melodrama's closing track, "Perfect Places." Her long-awaited sophomore album finally arrives June 16.

"It's always my favorite thing when people come up to me and tell me a specific story about a song or an album and their relationship to it," she continued. "It especially blows my mind when people are like, ‘Oh, I was listening to this album when I was falling in love with my partner.’ You're like, ‘Oh, my god!’ [fans self] — ’cause you know how that feels."

Melodrama draws heavily from Lorde's personal life, but her lyrics remain infinitely relatable despite her fame. "Green Light," for example, is a breakup anthem about rebuilding. Whether Lorde is helping you fall in love with yourself or with someone else, there's a song for every relationship.

"To me that's basically why I make music, hoping that maybe someone will fall in love to one of the songs one day," she said. "It's just the best."