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Miley Cyrus Is ‘Still Freaking Out’ About The Photo She Took With Hanson In The ’90s

Three of her siblings were there too

Before Miley Cyrus was a superstar herself, she was a regular '90s kid who loved her some Hanson.

The singer posted a major throwback photo on Instagram of her family posing with the band after a concert. Along with Miley, who's grinning in the bottom right, her siblings Trace, Brandi, and Braison made it out to the meet-and-greet with the iconic long-haired trio.

Miley's sister Noah unfortunately had not yet come into existence. "Sucks you weren't born yet! Wish you could've been there!" Miley wrote to her little sis.

Hey, it's never too late to recreate the photo 20 years later with Noah fully born and on board.