These Are The Greatest Challenge Elimination Takedowns

We're counting 'em down -- backpack included

Challenge men and women are known for putting their true competitive spirit on display when their entire game is on the line -- and as we've seen through the years (since The Gauntlet, to be more specific), elimination rounds can make or break a cast member. Is that adrenaline pumping yet?

In a sneak peek from the upcoming Challenge special "11 Most Talked About Takedowns," host Mike "The Miz" Mizanin will remember and reflect on the the greatest head-to-head moments in the series' history.

"You're only there because it's your fault you lost or you got voted in," the WWE superstar/Battle of the Seasons and Inferno 2 victor states about the stressful do-or-die battle in the clip above. "Either way, it's the very last chance to give it everything you've got. Otherwise, you're on the next flight home." And nobody wants to sit on a plane fresh off of a bitter loss...

So which moments made the cut? To see more, check out the teaser above and watch The Challenge Countdown and Chill: 11 Most Talked About Takedowns tomorrow night at 8/7c (the backpack included). And don't miss a brand-new episode of Champs vs. Pros immediately following the special at 9/8c.

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