Briana's Back: Has She Spoken To Her Fellow Teen Mom 2 Cast Members?

And what about her 'Teen Mom 3' cohorts?

Teen Mom 2 has featured Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea and Leah -- until now. A fifth mama is entering the series -- welcome Briana (from Teen Mom 3)!

So has the new addition -- who made her official return to MTV during last night's Teen Mom OG aftershow -- spoken to her fellow TM2 cast members?

"I'm cool with Kail and Javi," Nova's parent revealed to host Nessa. "Leah reached out to me -- she's excited that I'm joining the show. I haven't spoken to Chelsea or Jenelle yet."

And Briana has a bit of a history with Jace, Kaiser and Ensley's mama -- specifically, a tweet (from Bri) which stated, "Stay in your lane and maybe grow up a little bit."

"Back in the day, I guess Jenelle used to have these links with stories on them, and you would press them and you get paid for it or something like that," the 23-year-old explained. "And she was talking about Nova and Devon and me -- how we're ratchet and all these weird things she was saying. So I said, 'You are not one to talk.' That was back then, so hopefully there is no more drama. I haven't seen her yet."

And has Bri heard from her former Teen Mom 3 girls? Well, not directly.

"There's a little bit of saltiness going on right now," Briana revealed. "Mackenzie was talking to a certain blog or magazine saying that she's shocked that they picked me and not her -- how MTV doesn't want to film her family, she has one baby daddy and not five. And then Alex said she's glad that she didn't get picked. No, sorry -- not happening with me."

Offer a warm welcome back to Briana -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more Teen Mom 2 updates before the series returns this summer.