Theo Wargo / Jeff Hahne

Kesha Teamed Up With A Band She’s Loved Forever On Her New Album

Eagles of Death Metal hop on two of her new tracks

Kesha has been hard at work on new music with a handful of famous friends, if pics with Macklemore and other notable musicians are anything to go on — and it turns out that Eagles of Death Metal collaboration she posted about is definitely happening.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, EODM guitarist Dave Catching revealed that he and the rockers have teamed up with Kesha for two new songs for her forthcoming album. Turns out she's been following the guys for ages, and that they were finally able to cross paths in the studio for her next chapter.

"She used to come to Eagles shows when she was 16," he told RS. "She was always a big fan. Then I remember we got back from Europe ... and she was on every magazine cover when we landed from a tour. It was really amazing."

It sounds like EODM are in a great place — "We're the tightest we've ever been, and you can see it in the music now" — and those kind of positive vibes are definitely welcome on Kesha's next album given the traumatic and tumultuous events both acts have endured over the course of the last two years in particular.

Kesha is clearly rearing to get back onstage as soon as possible, and same, tbh.