Guess How These Fear Factor Contestants Have To Collect Live Snakes

Hint: It'll make your mouth drop open

A new group of competitors are revealing how they practiced to be on MTV's Fear Factor -- but we're thinking they still may have wound up a little unprepared.

"I actually made her eat some dog food just because we didn't know what we were going to [have to] eat," John, 26, says of his girlfriend/FF partner Lauren in the show's latest "Mental Prep" promo, below.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Madison says her childhood included very special Fear Factor obstacle courses and challenges created by her dad.

"There was a swimming obstacle, we had to do relay races on the beach and then we all had to eat two anchovies," she says. "I was so scared to eat the anchovies -- and that was the easiest part!"

The good news: In the clip, none of the contestants have to eat anything disgusting.

The bad news: They have to pull live snakes out of a tank.

The worst news: They have to do it with their mouths.

So how do they fare? Watch the video -- but not if you already suffer from ophidiophobia -- then catch all the slithering action on Tuesday at 10/9c.