Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The New School

It’s Official: Rihanna Confirms Her Makeup Line Is Coming This Fall

Not the makeup line we deserve, but the makeup line we need

We've known for nearly two years that Rihanna has been planning on releasing a makeup collection. All this time, we've waited with baited breath, in the hopes we could finally get products to help us personally recreate at least, like, 1 percent of the glow Rihanna emits on a daily basis.

Now we're one step closer to knowing when that day will be, thanks to a little confirmation from Rihanna.

In February, an unofficial Fenty Beauty Instagram account gained lots of attention, but was quickly deleted. Now there are both verified Fenty Beauty Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Since almost everything Rihanna touches turns to gold, I expect her makeup line will be nothing short of perfection.

Now excuse me while I eat a diet of only instant ramen all summer. I must save enough money to buy Rihanna's makeup after it inevitably sells out and is only available for thousands of dollars on eBay.