'That's A Wrap': Here's How Nev And Max Celebrated The End Of Catfish Season 6

'Can't thank these amazing people enough for their hard work'

Tracking down Catfish is a team effort -- something Nev Schulman and Max Joseph know all too well. And the MTV series -- which you can currently catch on Wednesdays -- just celebrated a special achievement.

"And THAT'S A WRAP on season 6 of Catfish after 10 months on the road!" Max captioned the group snapshot above featuring the hosts and production team at the end of this current long and wide journey. "Props to our amazing crew for the 20+ episodes. You guys are the best!"

The other half of the Sherlock/Holmes team also acknowledged this achievement, with the slate-centered photo below.

"Can't thank these amazing people enough for their hard work," Nev added. "You guys are my family and deserve all the praise. now who's down for season 7???" Show of hands...

Be sure to keep watching Nev and Max every Wednesday on Catfish at 8/7c (and watch a sneak peek of tonight's "Untold Stories" special below).