'Best Stepdad Ever': Look Back At Bentley And Taylor's Finest Teen Mom OG Moments

Maci's husband and son share a special bond

Maci's then-boyfriend Taylor first appeared on Teen Mom OG back in 2015 (when the series returned from a years-long hiatus). Even though viewers didn't witness the early days of his relationship with the young mother and her firstborn Bentley unfold on the small screen, one thing is for sure: Maci's boys share an undeniable bond. And during this week's episode, viewers got a sweet reminder of this fact.

"You are the best stepdad ever," Benny wrote in a homemade birthday card to the doting dad. The gesture was much appreciated -- and Taylor gave the eight-year-old a hug after he read the message.

In honor of this heartfelt interaction (and because they are such a lovable duo!), we're looking back at the pair's most memorable moments highlighting their distinctive connection. Enjoy the occasions below, and be sure to keep watching them -- along with their loved ones -- every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.

  • New family role

    Taylor was right by Maci's side when they told Bentley that he would soon be a big brother.

  • Official stepfather status

    The MTV kiddo was overcome with emotion when he learned his mom was marrying the love of her life. And shortly after Bentley shared a warm embrace with Maci, Taylor made sure to ask Bentley to be his best man on the imminent big day.

  • 'I don't treat Bentley any different than I would treat Jayde or Maverick'

    Before saying "I do" to Maci, Taylor opened up to his guy friends about being a "father figure" to Bentley and how he doesn't view his relationships with his biological children any differently than the one he shares with his then-soon-to-be-wife's son.

  • An important errand

    Being the primary member of a bridal party requires a big boy suit!

  • Groom/Best Man team

    The Bookout/McKinney nuptials made for a day to remember -- and Bentley played an integral role.

  • Collaborating on a birthday surprise

    The two worked together to ensure Maci's impromptu bash was a hit with the guest of honor. And cupcakes!

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