Should Teen Mom OG's Farrah Be Maid Of Honor At Her Mother Debra's Wedding?

Sophia's grandmother asked her daughter the important query during tonight's episode

Being a member of a bridal party is a special responsibility -- and during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, Farrah's mother Debra revealed her wish to have her daughter play an integral part at her upcoming nuptials to fiancé David.

"I would like you to be my maid of honor," Debra told Farrah at a group dinner.

"That's a big deal. That's a lot of responsibility on the maid of honor, isn't it?" the 25-year-old responded.

While Farrah didn't accept or decline the offer, she didn't exactly conceal her negative feelings about the imminent big day (the future husband and wife are considering an October or November celebration and would like to get hitched in Bora Bora). Later in the installment, while on a family getaway in Key West, Farrah confided in her producer Kristen about her mother's beau.

"He bothers me so much," Farrah explained, while adding that he doesn't greet her and he's a "creep." "There's really no motherf**king efforts on his part."

But back to Debra's query -- should Farrah stand by her mother's side and act as the principal bridesmaid? Having her daughter's support is understandably important for Debra, but Farrah has made it clear that she has concerns about she and David tying the knot. Or is it best for Farrah to politely say "no" to the request even though it will disappoint Debra? Share your thoughtful advice in the comments, and be sure to watch the season finale of Teen Mom OG on Monday at 9/8c.