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Zayn Malik Is Moving In A More ‘Optimistic’ Direction With His New Album

The moodiness of 'Mind of Mine' is getting shelved for the follow-up

Jury's still out as to whether we'll see a softer side of Zayn Malik on the follow-up to his solo debut, but one thing's for sure: It's shaping up to be more on the bright side compared to the moody tones of 2016's Mind of Mine, and his label is very, very down with this new direction.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Peter Edge — the CEO of Malik's label, RCA Records — dished on the forthcoming album, which doesn't have a title or a release date. What it does have is a cohesive, pervasive vibe: He notes that it "shows a lot of growth" and "has a more optimistic tone to it," and that the darker feel of Mind of Mine came out of the difficulties and challenges Malik faced when he made the decision to leave One Direction and strike out on his own.

For Edge, Malik's recent single, "Still Got Time," is a great indicator of what to expect in the coming months. "If you think about the lyrics, it’s talking about how it’s great to be young and knowing you’ve still got time to do everything you want to do in life," he continued.

In short: less brooding, more beaming. We're ready for it.