Here's How Ludacris Is Getting Hands-On For Fear Factor

Sometimes, dung beetles just aren't good enough

Just how seriously is Ludacris taking his new job as the host of MTV's Fear Factor reboot? In a new promo for the show, the rapper/movie star/TV personality takes it upon himself to head into a laboratory and cook up ways to freak the hell out of contestants.

"These are dung beetles -- I clearly asked for leaf beetles," he admonishes a lab coat-wearing colleague, just after taste-testing an insect (um, yuck).

That's not all -- the hands-on host even taps into one woman's ultimate fear, then makes sure it's extra-intimidating. What is the woman afraid of, and how does Ludacris up the ante? Watch the video to find out, then catch the premiere of MTV's Fear Factor on Tuesday at 10/9c.