Fear Factor Sneak Peek: Can These Young Women Survive Being Covered In Cockroaches?

Oh, and worms too

A pair of sisters are vowing to "whoop some ass" on the all-new Fear Factor -- but admit there's just one thing that may stand in their way.

"I don't do bugs," 20-year-old Brandi says in the sneak peek, below. "Once I see any bug, I'm calling my dad; I'm calling the health inspector."

Her sister, meanwhile, acknowledges the issue. "She won't even kill [bugs]," says Brittney, 25. "She's pretty much scared of everything."

Sucks to be you, Brandi: The siblings, indeed, are faced with some creepy, crawly visitors. Strapped to a bed, the two have buckets of countless cockroaches (and worms for good measure) poured on top of them while new host Ludacris offers some words of support.

So how does Brandi react when she's covered in insects? (Hint: She screams a lot.) And how does Brittney try to calm her sibling? (Hint: She's not exactly a nurturer.) Watch the video to find out, and catch all the action when Fear Factor premieres on Tuesday, May 30 at 10/9c.