Tyler Posey Takes Fans On An Epic Goodbye Tour Of The Teen Wolf Set

And he kisses a few inanimate objects along the way

We're not crying, you're crying.

As our beloved Teen Wolf gears up for the second half of its final season, Tyler Posey took time out from the last day of shooting ever to walk through Beacon Hills landmarks associated with his MTV character. And in the clip below, he kicks off where it all began for the lovable Alpha in Scott McCall's bedroom.

"I am getting very sentimental and very emotional. It feels like the last day of high school," Tyler confesses before personally saying goodbye to (and making out with) a few special props from his boudoir. We'll let you watch it for yourself to see which lucky items got some extra loving...

What happens when he arrives at BHHS? More kissing -- but where? Peep the video, stay with MTV News for more behind-the-scenes Teen Wolf clips and don't miss the premiere episode tonight at 8/7c!