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Ellie Goulding Is So Hot Topic In Her New Music Video With Kygo

What a bewitching dress

If you were once obsessed with My Chemical Romance's dramatic "Helena" music video, the clip for Kygo and Ellie Goulding's new collab "First Time" has a similar morbid-funeral vibe. Goulding steals the show in a lacy black gown that looks straight out of Hot Topic's costume section. Meanwhile, Kygo's character is struggling with something far less glamorous: His hands keep spontaneously bursting into flames. Where's a fire extinguisher when you need one?

At first, the flames are teeny wisps of smoke, but they grow more powerful as the years fly by. The longer he lives in the past — "First Time" is all about basking in nostalgia — the more deadly the fire becomes. Can he rise from the ashes?

This music video would be an excellent PSA to stop, drop, and roll. Just saying.