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Lana Del Rey And The Weeknd Re-create La La Land In The ‘Lust For Life’ Video

Nothing like dancing on top of the Hollywood sign

Like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did before them, Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd turn Los Angeles into their own romantic playground in the new "Lust for Life" video.

The grainy, glitchy vid sees Lana and Abel Tesfaye dancing across the top of the Hollywood sign. When they're not dancing they're canoodling, and when they're not canoodling they're staring meaningfully into a night sky fully spangled with stars or the vast spread of streetlights in the city below.

At the end of the video, their love is powerful enough to turn the whole world into a glowing peace sign. So, while we fully support Seleeknd, we've got to say, we kind of ’ship this pairing too.