Is Wes Finally In Control of The Challenge?

He’s tried before to turn the game on its head, and this time, it could actually happen

Is Wes the weakest player on his team of Challenge champions? Jordan seems to think so, but the Real World: Austin alum has given conclusive evidence that he might actually be running the show.

On tonight’s Champs vs. Pros episode, the two-time winner found himself in a familiar place: the hot seat. Though the Champs got a point on the scoreboard after a win in “Tailgate Barbeque,” which challenged them to navigate an obstacle course while bound by Saran Wrap, the victors nevertheless had to sentence two of their own men to an elimination round.

Jordan, the day’s fastest performer, decided to throw Wes to the wolves and added insult to injury when he called Wes the show’s weakest player. Unbothered, Wes begged his team to nominate his longtime rival, Bananas, to join him in the last-chance clash, and after some politicking, Wes got his way.

From where Darrell was sitting, this spelled out big trouble for Jordan.

“If [Wes] wins, it’s gonna bite Jordan in the ass later on,” he observed.

As Wes began to mentally prep for the mission ahead, he realized he could potentially change the game’s flow with a win.

“The only move to make is to go as big as possible as early as possible so the whole game can be flipped on its head,” he said. “I think I know what to do from now on.”

In “Blindsided,” the surprising first head-to-head battle between Wes and Bananas, each player was challenged to whack his opponent with a stick — while avoiding his opponent’s swings — until it broke, and the first player to successfully crack his weapon twice would win. Bananas took the early lead in the game, which was modeled after a previous Jungle game from Rivals II.

“Beating him finally in an elimination would be huge,” Johnny said. “I don’t know what I would do with myself if I lost an elimination to Wes.”

Unfortunately, Johnny would have to nail down a coping mechanism sooner than later, as Wes managed unlikely success. By getting low and shooting for Bananas’ ankles, Wes pulled out the victory and silenced the game’s most powerful voice.

“For the first time ever, Bananas was speechless,” Wes said as he relished his win. “This did feel good, and I’m enjoying this. Jordan: He’s my new target at this point.”

But what do you think — is Wes in a position to take control of the game, and is The Challenge finally in the palm of his hand? Or was his elimination round win a fluke, and is it only a matter of time before Jordan ousts him? Share your thoughts, and see what happens on the next episode Tuesday night at 9/8c!