Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Drake Will Literally Perform Inside A Majestic Fountain At The BBMAs

As one does, naturally

How many times has Drake seen Ocean's Eleven, do you think?

Is it his favorite movie, or at least one of his top 10 flicks? Do you think he laughs at George Clooney's many one-liners, or takes notes on Andy Garcia's bad guy intensity, or envies Don Cheadle's ability to wear a turtleneck and a scarf at the same time while pulling it off? Do you think he watched the 2001 film and thought, “One day, I, Aubrey Drake Graham, will channel the majesty of this final scene — the one where all of these bandits are watching the Bellagio fountain perform some sort of water ballet — into an epic performance of my own!”?

These are just a few of the thoughts that crossed our minds when we heard that Drake was going to be performing *inside* the Bellagio's iconic fountain at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21.

Drake was spotted rehearsing for his big moment at tonight's awards show, where a stage has been erected in the center of one of the Strip's most recognizable attractions.

He's been in town for a few days gearing up for the BBMAs and his Ocean's Eleven–esque moment, and he's been, uh, enjoying his time in Sin City.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — unless there's video.

Watch Drake invoke the glory of Ocean's Eleven while singing through a jam from More Life on the BBMAs later this evening.