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Lil Yachty Calls His Haters ‘Dirty Like Farts’ On New Song ‘X Men’

He’s pretty pissed off

Move over, Wolverine, Gambit, and Iceman. With the release of his debut album on the horizon, Lil Yachty has unleashed a flood of aggression on the new song “X Men.”

This is hardly the playful, hazy Yachty you may be used to. Instead, the Atlanta wunderkind is pissed off on “X Men,” speeding up his flow and firing off insults over an industrial trap beat.

“You don’t have a place in my heart, bro,” he raps, before warning, “You shouldn’t want beef from the start / Everywhere I drive I leave marks / All of you n****s is marks / You’re sticky and dirty like farts,” he raps. Texas rapper Evander Griiim is equally relentless on the hook, boasting, “Iced out all my friends / Call us X Men.”

Following the track’s premiere on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, Lil Yachty said fans can expect an “X Men” video to drop soon. He told Lowe, “This video is going to be crazy. The plot, the concept I came up with, is insane. … My whole inspiration for this video was Kendrick [Lamar]’s recent videos for ‘DNA.’ and ‘HUMBLE.’ They’re not like that, but how creative and dope those were, it made me like, ‘OK, I’ve gotta take this to the next level. I really gotta do some fire shit.’”

The 19-year-old’s debut album, Teenage Emotions, arrives May 26 and features contributions from Migos, YG, Diplo, Kamaiyah, and more.