Teen Mom OG Full Circle: How Catelynn And Tyler Want To Help Pregnant Youth

During tonight's episode, the couple opened up about their plans to aid others in a similar situation

When Catelynn and Tyler thoughtfully and maturely created an adoption plan for their unborn child on 16 and Pregnant, the two probably didn't anticipate that they would be outspoken about their personal journey more than eight years later. And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the couple is coming full circle -- and opening up about their idea to aid others in a similar position and give back.

"We're hoping that one day our clothing line will be big enough to open up a foundation. A percentage of the clothes will go into the foundation," Cate told the couple's longtime adoption counselor Dawn, adding they want to assist pregnant youth with the goal of providing housing.

From there, Dawn suggested that they visit places where this type of assistance is already in effect in order to gain some insight. Later, she and Cate traveled to a nearby pregnancy center for preliminary research.

"I was a pregnant minor [and] my mom was against adoption," Cate told the director of the facility. "If it wasn't for my mother-in-law, who knows where I would have been."

But Catelynn got a difficult wake-up call: There are not many options or resources for pregnant minors who need a place to stay near this specific center.

"My goal is to have a couple of houses out here -- I want it to be able to accept minors into it," she said.

To see how their plans evolve, be sure to keep watching Cate and Ty every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.

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