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Harry Styles Tried On A Fishnet Shirt And Leather Vest For 'Carpool Karaoke'

How did this all get so erotic?

Harry Styles finally hopped in the car for his very own episode of "Carpool Karaoke," and it pretty much hits all the emotional notes you'd expect from a full-length movie starring Harry Styles.

The interview starts out innocently enough, with Harry admitting to James Corden that he cries while singing "Sign of the Times." "It makes me cry performing it sometimes," he says. "I find it quite emotional." But he quickly clarified that he meant crying "in, like, a cool way. Like my eyes are sweating. Oh, this is cool, it's emotional."

Harry also revealed that his favorite song off his debut self-titled album is "Sweet Creature" just before he went ahead and harmonized with James through all the high notes.

Things took a turn for the erotic, though, when James had Harry try on different outfits just to make sure he could pull them all off. It turns out Harry can even pull off a fishnet tank top under a leather vest — who knew?

Then, inexplicably, while singing a duet to each other, Harry and James got real, real close. Like, quoting Brokeback Mountain at each other close, which quickly turned into them acting out different scenes from romantic films. Yes, James got Harry to say the Titanic line "draw me like one of your French girls" and yes, it's beautiful.