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Lucy Hale Lives Like She Was Dying In First Life Sentence Trailer

Welcome to The CW, Aria Montgomery

Luce Hale is literally dying in her new CW show. Well, technically, she was dying. Now she has to start actually living, and apparently, that's a whole lot harder.

The Pretty Little Liars star debuted the first-look trailer for her new dramedy Life Sentence at the CW Upfronts presentation on Thursday (May 18). Although the show won't premiere until 2018, Hale shared the trailer on social media, tweeting, "I am so proud of this show."

From the creators of Scrubs, Life Sentence is the perfect mix of humor and pathos. The midseason series follows a terminally ill young woman named Stella (Hale), who, after eight years of treatment, discovers that she's been miraculously cured. Of course, now that she's cancer-free she has to deal with the consequences of the choices she made when she decided to "live like she was dying," which includes marrying a handsome stranger. (He has an accent, though. So she should probably keep him.)

As if working as a barista in a hipster coffee shop wasn't challenging enough, Stella also has a family that decides to fill her in on all of the secrets they've been from her — and for the first time, she realizes the impact her illness had on those around her.

It's only appropriate that the star of Pretty Little Liars would find herself another role in which people are keeping secrets from her. At least this time there are no psycho stalkers around.