Can This Super Sweet 16 Teen Nail His Birthday Performance?

Being under the weather certainly isn't going to help matters

Many Super Sweet 16 celebrations have featured a performance courtesy of a few megastars -- but birthday boys/girls have also taken the stage at their bashes. And in a sneak peek from this Sunday's episode, the guest of honor is working mighty hard to nail his elaborate routine.

"It's pretty difficult to sing and dance at the same time -- you have to be in real good shape," Cali teen Noah reveals in the clip above. "For the past couple of weeks I've been really sick, so I haven't been able to rehearse."

But how does Noah fare when he returns to the studio with his choreographer and backup crew? Let's just say being under the weather is presenting a few challenges for the soon-to-be-16-year-old. Watch the entire video as Noah prepares -- and don't miss the episode this Sunday at 7/6c!