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Katy Perry Is A Neon Demon On Her Witness Album Cover

She's been teasing the striking image for months

Katy Perry's new album cover has a lot going on.

The art for her next album, Witness, popped up on Amazon on Thursday (May 18), and it looks very different from any of her other LPs. A naked Katy covers her eyes with her hands, but there's another eye coming out of her mouth, where eyes usually fear to tread.

The album cover seems to reference David Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane artwork with its color scheme, cropping, and Katy's hairstyle. The eyeball could reference any number of things, from the illuminati to The Neon Demon. Maybe she's been watching a lot of Santa Clarita Diet. Maybe she's been working on her Hellraiser cosplay.

In retrospect, it seems like Katy's been teasing this cover for months. The art for her single "Chained to the Rhythm" also features a naked woman covering her hands with her eyes, and Katy wore a veil embroidered with the word "witness" and an eyeball to the Met Gala.

After Prism and Teenage Dream, Witness's look is a surprising turn toward body horror — but after that "Bon Appétit" video, it kind of makes sense.