Panic At The Prom: Josh Reveals His Plan For A Rockin' Promposal

But to pull it off, he'll need help from his girlfriend's mom (insert groan here)

A high school senior is pulling out all the stops on this week's Promposal -- and that includes recreating one of rock's most recognizable videos.

"Panic! at the Disco is Malea's favorite band," Josh tells his girlfriend's mom in the sneak peek, below. "So me and a bunch of my friends are going to re-enact the 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' music video."

That's not all: Josh wants to rent out a movie theater so he can then play his video on the big-screen. But despite all his intricate planning, he needs help a little help from...Malea's doubtful mother. Her response? Well, let's just say she uses the phrase, "Go big or go home" along with the words "ruin everything" and "last chance."

That's always nice to hear, right?

So what kind of assistance does Josh need from Mom, and what exactly did she say? And what was Josh's hilarious response? Watch the video to find out -- and to see if Josh can pull off his promposal, catch the show Sunday at 7:30/6:30c.