12 Ingenious Products that Work as Great Life Hacks

James Bond has nothing on you

There are more to these items than meet the eye. Feel like a secret agent in your every day life with these gizmos and gadgets that will make getting through the day easier.

  • Whatever your errands are, this bag converts to a tote, shoulder bag, and backpack.
  • This collapsible cosmetics bag can hold everything.

  • Use your touchscreen phone in the dead of winter with specially designed gloves.
  • This looks like a regular lightbulb, but actually works to extend the wi-fi signal in your home.

  • Bring your drink in the pool with fruity beverage boats.
  • This portable humidifier is powered by a USB port.

  • These tweezers have a light on them, so you can catch every hair.
  • Transform your desktop clutter with this desktop organizer.

  • This bendy charging cable is super handy in the car.
  • Save space in the bathroom with a combo magazine rack/toilet paper stand.

  • Add a twist to plain liquors with this vodka flavor infuser.
  • These bookends are a brilliant way to display your knick knacks.