Master Of None Stars Break Down That Unexpected Season 2 Ending

What. Just. Happened.

If you're still reeling from “Buona Notte,” the Season 2 finale of Netflix's Master of None, perhaps the cast can clear things up for you. [Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of Master of None, if you haven't binged yet.] In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, stars Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, and Alessandra Mastronardi sound off on the cliffhanger that made fans go “WTF!”

“I kind of wanted to leave it ambiguous and leave it open to people’s interpretation,” Ansari told EW. The finale scene is a shot of Dev (Ansari) and Francesca (Mastronardi) in bed together — fully-clothed! — after she may or may not have left her fiancé, Pino, whom she's been dating for a decade. But judging from her bare ring finger, their romance has fizzled.

“He [Aziz] thought, okay, there’s no chance that she would choose my character over Pino,” Mastronardi said about the various endings considered for the season. “At the beginning, Francesca was definitely going to choose Pino. And I said, ‘Well, you have to be a little more confident! She's in love with you.’ So then we choose [Dev]. Then at some point, Aziz wanted to leave the end open.”


Dev and Francesca's flirty friendship-turned-something-more wasn't always the finale's focus, however. Mastronardi also revealed the season's original ending, which put Dev on a plane to find Sara (Clare-Hope Ashitey), the girl whose number he lost in Italy. She's the first girl he shares a real connection with after his breakup with Rachel (Noël Wells) in Season 1.

“Francesca had chosen Pino, and Dev finally found the number of the girl from the first episode of the season. But then he said maybe it’s too much, maybe the audience doesn’t even remember this character,” Mastronardi explained. “I think the end that they chose is probably the best one. It’s an open end, but there’s a kind of loneliness in the room, so it lets the audience feel what they want.”

You hear that? Feel free to feel however you want, even if that feeling is pure frustration. Just like real life, Master of None has no perfect endings.