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Tom Cruise Has A Real Good Dad Joke For You About The Mummy

He’s all wrapped up in an terrifying, topical one-liner

Tom Cruise is the star of the forthcoming Mummy reboot, so the actor has ancient Egypt, sarcophagi, hieroglyphics, and the murderous tendencies of the bandage-wrapped undead on the brain.

That's likely why he saw this breaking news item about 17 mummies being unearthed in the Egyptian village of Tuna al-Gabal pop up and seized on the opportunity to crack a goofy-ass joke. Given the subject matter — you know, just, like, a casual necropolis containing human remains and the first of its kind to be uncovered in the area — he just couldn't help himself from the one-liner that was practically offered up to him on a scarab-encrusted platter.

Naturally, Cruise — who spends the entirety of his new movie running from an evil mummy that's not only out to destroy humanity, but use him as an energy source while doing so — isn't actually an expert on whether or not you should mess with tombs that've been buried for thousands of years.

Still, probably a good idea to proceed with caution because, well, mummies. See Cruise battle a gnarly one onscreen when The Mummy hits theaters June 9.