This Gal Wants Her Super Sweet 16 To Be 'Bigger Than Everything'

Will the teen get everything she desires?

"I came out the womb and was like, 'Sweet 16, where are you?'"

This unreal statement comes courtesy of the first gal featured front and center on the return of My Super Sweet 16. And in a sneak peek from the premiere episode (be there this Sunday at 7/6c or else), this vivacious teen is ready to throw a celebration "bigger than everything" -- a helicopter entrance, a new car, etc.

But enter the skeptical parent.

"I just think it's over the top, really over the top," her mother declares in the video above. Oh noooooooooooo...

So will the birthday girl get everything she so desires -- stress-free and without any roadblocks? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss My Super Sweet 16 on Sunday at 7/6c, followed by the premiere of Promposal at 7:30/6:30c!