What's The Theme Of The Very First Promposal?

In a sneak peek of the upcoming MTV series, a H.S. junior has an elaborate ask up her sleeve

Thanks to the art of promposing, the seemingly simple, "Will you go to prom with me?" has taken on a whole other meaning.

In a sneak peek from Promposal -- the brand-new MTV series premiering this Sunday after the highly anticipated return of My Super Sweet 16 -- one high school junior involves her entire class (400 kids!) in the epic, dance-themed ask.

"I have never put something together as big as this promposal," she declares.

So what exactly does the teen have in mind for her extravagant query -- and will she face any complications during the planning stages? A simple spoiler: Yes, she will. Watch the clip to get a taste of what promposing action is about to come -- and don't miss the premiere of Promposal at 7:30/6:30c (right after My Super Sweet 16 at 7/6c)!