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DNCE And Nicki Minaj Host The Makeout Party Of The Year In The ‘Kissing Strangers’ Video

Welcome to the spin-the-bottle Olympics

DNCE know how to throw a party. In the new video for "Kissing Strangers," things get about as rambunctious as you'd expect from Joe Jonas and his three friends. Yes, strangers kiss each other; yes, Nicki Minaj shows up; but most importantly, there's a cameo by a pink poodle — and a golden retriever at the dang party!

In addition to hanging out with cute and/or well-dressed dogs, Jonas hosts a wild game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, while bassist Cole Whittle gets tag teamed by a pair of cuties. And when Nicki Minaj strides through the door, she leans in extra close to the same microphone that Joe's using. They're not exactly strangers, but there's no reason they can't kiss.

Joe Jonas might have just announced his 2020 presidential campaign platform: smooching and dogs for everyone.