Catfish Separation: How Did Max Really Feel About Filming Without Nev?

The silver fox is getting hilariously blunt

When Nev took a hiatus from Catfish to go on daddy duty -- daughter Cleo was born last October -- fans eagerly awaited his return. But get this: In a brand-new clip, his right-hand man Max says he wasn't missing Nev at all.

*Insert throwback '80s video here*

"We had a lot of fun without him," Max, doing his best to keep a straight face, says. And there's more.

"It was a joy to film without Nev," he continues. "To be number one, to be in the driver's seat, was really special."

But, all jokes (we think) aside, there was one Catfish task that Max found "nerve-wracking" when he had to do it himself. What was it? And how did Nev feel about his time off? Watch the LOL video, then be sure to tune in to our Catfish reunion special -- featuring some of the series' most memorable folks -- this Wednesday at 8/7c.