Why Nev And Max Are Proud Of Their Catfish Work

The MTV detectives explain why the series is so special to them

Nev and Max are pros at clearing up catfish colluding; the MTV duo has traveled near and far to crack complex digital mysteries since 2012.

With more than 100 cases in the record books, what makes the two most proud when it comes to their MTV work? For Max, it's that the cast members' journeys are universal.

"It's hard, and you feel lonely and isolated and no one understands," he explains in the video above. "[Then you] hear that you're not the only one going through it, that there are other people going through it, there is a community of people who understands you and everything is going to be okay."

How did Nev answer the aforementioned question? View his response, and be sure to watch the pair this Wednesday on a reunion special of Catfish at 8/7c.