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Watch Lorde Explain How The ‘Green Light’ Video Mimics Her Real Life

‘I want to look the way my friends see me’

Lorde knows it was wild seeing her dance on top of a car in the “Green Light” video, and now she’s opening up about the “strange” experience.

“It was actually quite difficult to dance on the roof of a Suburban at three in the morning,” she says in a new interview for Vevo Offscreen. “There was definitely a moment up there where I was like, ‘Cars generally are not built to have a girl dancing around, losing her mind on top of them!’ It was one of the strangest things I think I’ve done.”

The New Zealand singer added that she wanted to make “Green Light” more “playful” and “confrontational” than the first music videos she made, at the “shy” age of 16.

“I was very aware that this is the first thing that people had seen from me in three years,” she said. “I was picking up where I had left off, which was, I always had dark lipstick on and a weird kind of outfit. And this time I was like, I want to look the way my friends see me. I want to feel like I could be any one of the young people who listen to my music.”

That meant mimicking her real life by wearing the same sneakers she wears when she goes out partying with her friends, calling a car to go to the club, and busting out some of her signature carefree dance moves.

“All these things are taken from my real life,” she explained.

Check out the full interview below, and look out for Lorde’s sophomore album, Melodrama, on June 16.